Nugent: Obama is a clueless, rookie president

The old rocker Ted Nugent who also happens to be one of the advocates of the right to bear arms, calls Barack Obama “a clueless… More Below… Posted by on Jul 3rd, 2010 and filed under Entertainment, Politics, US.

The old rocker Ted Nugent who also happens to be one of the advocates of the right to bear arms, calls Barack Obama “a clueless rookie president” and the Supreme Court justices who disagreed on his view of gun ownership “weasels” and “losers”, in an op-ed in The Washington Times.

The U.S. officials have not replied regarding his comments on the newspaper, published after a Supreme Court 5-4 ruling that extended the Second Amendment to states and cities.

The 61-year-old Nugent said it “comes as no surprise that this insane level of madness” reached the Supreme Court, “with the Mao Zedong fan club in the White House, a clueless, rookie president hellbent on spending like a maniac as unprecedented debt piles up all around him, and every other imaginable indicator of an America turned upside-down.”

Nugent has already called the current president a communist and has said that the Supreme Court’s recent “McDonald v. City of Chicago” decision was “further proof that the American way is being attacked like never before.”

“By all intellectually honest considerations, my gift of life qualifies as supreme, and not only worthy of defending, but clearly demanding to be defended by all moral beings,” Nugent wrote. “And speaking of losers, sadly and frighteningly, some weasels made their way onto the Supreme Court who apparently do not agree with me.”

Source: OTRC

  • patricia

    u know what all u people that dont like obama our first black president u all can kiss his black ass . what did bush do not a thing f**k all that dont like himobama i mean it kiss my president ass.

  • Lil_witch_619

    met ted nugent once. he is a hillbilly yahoo who is rude to his fans. stood in line over an hour for a autograph only to find out you had to buy a picture of him standing over a dead animal that he killed. he wouldn't sign anything else. even then you didn't even dare lean in a little to shake his hand or he was whining for his guards that you were leaning too close. this changed my opinion of him. he is a pompus ass and i would never pay to see him or listen to him again.

  • Rustygoodcat

    It is not a matter of race with obama. It is the matter that he loathes America's way of life and he is trying to destroy it. Look at all the things going on and open your eyes. We will be taxed on the moneys that our company provides for our health care. Look at the people in his cabinet, see and hear what is being done. We are a Republic and the people of it needs to stand and fight all tyrants like obama. Just like the borders its not a race issue but a status of being here breaking the law. For the first time of my 46 yr old life I am truly scared of the future. I am ex-military, white and a republican but in todays world you cannot do a hate crime on me or discriminate becuase how can an educated white man get offended.