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Metallica reunites with Jason Newsted!

Fillmore, San Francisco – Metallica gave a 6-hour long party that celebrated their 30 years. The anniversary celebration featured game shows, celebrity messages, tributes and of course a performance from the band that took heavy and metal to the front. And after three hours of mingling and gaming, taped celebrity messages and congratulating, the hosts […]

Angelina Jolie dates Brad Pitt’s parents!

If three’s a crowd, then how about four? But nothing gives and nothing can be that bad if you are actress and director Angelina Jolie taking out Bill and Jane Pitt for a date. Yep, they are Brad’s parents. Jolie took the Pitts to the premier of her directorial debut, In The Land Of Blood […]

Johnny Depp barely survives plane crash!

My favorite Jack Sparrow, err ”Captain” Jack Sparrow line: This is the day you will always remember as the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow! For all-around and award winning actor Johnny Depp, he will never forget the day he thought his life would end in a plane crash. In an interview with Life magazine, the 48-year old […]

Kim Kardashian files for divorce on Halloween

That was quick for a couple who didn’t share a spot on an MTV reality show. To most it wasn’t a no brainer. Only after 72 days, newly weds Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries make headlines again, nope Kim hasn’t turned mommy yet, in fact she’ll turn single again soon after filing for divorce on […]

Lindsay Lohan did pose nude for Playboy, receives $1M

Controversy has been the tie that binds the Lohan family. Michael Lohan’s ex-girlfriend has accused him of domestic violence and is now in Tampa Florida jail, hoping get released after his schedule with the judge today. Meanwhile, Dina Lohan decided to publicize the dirty secrets of her family. Not to be outdone from her parents […]

William Shatner’s Star Trek vs Star Wars part deux

Oh okay, so it’s chapter two of a battle between two classic sci-fi space-based movies, television series and print. On the left corner, setting a record earning 4.4 billion dollars as of 2008, the brain child of producer, screen writer and director George Lucas…it’s Star Wars! And on the right, it has 11 movies to […]

Ron Artest officially changed his name to Metta World Peace

Getting the idea from NFL player Chad Ochocinco who used to be Chad Johnson, Lakers’ Artest/World Peace was inspired not only to appear in Dancing With The Stars, but to change his name as well. “Metta is going to be the first name and means like friendship, love and kindness,… World Peace is going to […]

Scarlett Johansson’s hacked nude photos

The 26-year old blonde bombshell actress Scarlett Johansson is pissed. Some of her nude pictures have found its way in the internet, and her attention is turned on a hacking ring that’s been purposely getting into celebrities email accounts, smartphone…looking to share a grime or two. The peerless sex symbol has reportedly contacted the FBI. […]