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Drunk cop pulls out gun near Bourne Legacy shooting location

Drunk cop pulls out gun near Bourne Legacy shooting location

Senior Police Officer 1 Henry Escoto was arrested earlier today after poking his pistol at a woman near the corner of San Andres street and Quirino Avenue, near the shooting location of Bourne Legacy. Escoto who reported at the Manila Police District Station 6 was intoxicated. He was brought by an MMDA staff to Station […]

Angelina Jolie dates Brad Pitt’s parents!

If three’s a crowd, then how about four? But nothing gives and nothing can be that bad if you are actress and director Angelina Jolie taking out Bill and Jane Pitt for a date. Yep, they are Brad’s parents. Jolie took the Pitts to the premier of her directorial debut, In The Land Of Blood […]

William Shatner’s Star Trek vs Star Wars part deux

Oh okay, so it’s chapter two of a battle between two classic sci-fi space-based movies, television series and print. On the left corner, setting a record earning 4.4 billion dollars as of 2008, the brain child of producer, screen writer and director George Lucas…it’s Star Wars! And on the right, it has 11 movies to […]

Brad Pitt saves a film extra

World War Z, a post-apocalyptic horror movie based on a novel by Max Brooks is in the works and 48-year old actor Brad Pitt is the man to save the world from the spreading zombie epidemic. If you haven’t notice it by now, post apocalypse equals war with the zombies. Besides his heroic role in […]

Will and Jada Smith break up false

This is the year of splits! Early 2011, actress Mila Kunis broke up with Macaulay Culkin who’s back home alone again. Not too far from Kunis, actress Denise Richard calls it off with another rock star, bassist Nikki Sixx. Shakira splits with lawyer boyfriend Antonio de la Rua. Jude Law and Sienna Miller calls it […]

Robert Pattinson bites Egyptian pillows in Breaking Dawn

Okay, okay…tired of biting young chicks and fending off fellow predators and competitors who are interested in his girl Bella? Take a bite at this Edward!…a pillow! Pillow fight? No, its a bed scene with a vampire gnawing on a pillow instead. Seriously. True to life sweethearts or not, Twilight star Edward Cullen, err…Robert Pattinson shares […]

2011 Teen Choice Awards, Taylor Swift bags 6!

Two Taylors, sweet and true went home with surf boards wrapped under an arm or two. Chiseled Taylor Lautner won Choice Movie Actor: Sci/Fantasy for his werewolf-life acting in the Twilight Saga: Eclipse, while girlfriend or not, but pretty singer Taylor Swift won and enjoyed, or not, carrying 6 boards that accounted for Ultimate Choice […]

Captain America beats Harry Potter

Captain America beats Harry Potter

I thought Harry Potter’s last installment (Deathly Hallows Part 2) will be the year’s largest selling film, trampling on the likes of Batman’s the Dark Knight and Transfomers. Well that’s until the red and the white and blue came through two days ago. Though the young wizard generated a truck load of $169.2M all over […]