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Lindsay Lohan and 300M others, poison victims!

According to a website known as the the Prison Planet and, Lindsay Lohan, the actress who gained more popularity, getting spared from doing full-time in jail than all her film work combined, along with 300 million Americans, were victims of poisoning. The website even instructed its readers to “grab the search term ‘Lindsay Lohan […]

Lindsay Lohan is getting outpatient treatment

Lindsay Lohan may have been freed from rehab, but her treatment is not over yet, according to Radar Online exclusive report. The troubled actress will reportedly be undergoing outpatient treatment a couple of times a week, according to a source who shared to Radar Online. “She doesn’t have a choice but she’s not fighting it,” […]

Lindsay Lohan might be released from rehab this week

TMZ reported that the notorious 24-year-old actress might be freed from rehab sooner. She will likely be able to leave the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital this week because the doctors don’t think her psychiatric problems are as severe. Even though the final reports is not yet written and finished, they have already concluded that Lindsay’s condition […]

Dina Lohan in denial about Lindsay’s problems

Sources close to both Dina and Lindsay Lohan believe that the mother is in denial about the long-troubled actress. She has long been unable to admit the glaring facts about their family’s dysfunctional life. An associate of Dina Lohan said on Sunday that after the tense and awkward interview with Matt Lauer on ‘Today,’ “Dina […]

Dina Lohan says Lindsay doesn’t have drug and booze problems

Dina Lohan is living in a dream world. Seriously! Lindsay Lohan’s mom is saying that LiLo does not have any drug or alcohol problems—that after her daughter just came out of prison and is now serving time in rehab. Aside from saying all that crap, Dina is also blaming the tabloids on why Lindsay grew […]

Michael Lohan says NY won’t change Lindsay

Lindsay Lohan‘s mom Dina said Lindsay will move to New York after the stint in rehab. But Lindsay’s dad Michael thinks Lilo moving to New York is not gonna change anything about his troubled daughter’s life. On Friday, Michael said to Access, “Dina says that Lindsay is coming back to New York after rehab. The […]

Michael Lohan: Lindsay will relapse after rehab release

There was a lot of buzz right after Dina Lohan’s appearance on The Today Show. Radar Online was able to get an exclusive interview with Michael Lohan, Dina’s ex-husband. Lindsay’s biological father said that he disagrees with the early release of his daughter from rehab, because this will only lead to her relapse. “Why does […]

VIDEO: Dina Lohan talks about daughter Lindsay on Today show

In a tense interview with Matt Lauer on Today show, Dina Lohan defended her methods of raising her celebrity daughter Lindsay Lohan, claiming that she let her troubled daughter experience those personal issues so she can come out a better person. “As a parent, you have to let them go a little bit,” she said […]