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Steven Tyler out from American Idol?

Steven Tyler out from American Idol?

The leader singer of the American rock band, Aerosmith spent an entire season as a judge in the world’s most popular singing contest, American Idol. This of course, has sacrificed time in writing and recording with his band. Will he be back for Idol’s new season? “We’re in negotiations,” the genuine rock star told FoxNews […]

Katharine McPhee drops by The Voice

The 27-year old pop singer, songwriter, actress, model, television personality, astronaut, medical doctor, architect, engineer, swimming coach…oh, that went way overboard…who gained fame as a contestant on the fifth season of American Idol, went behind enemy lines when she dropped by a similar singing contest, The Voice, to share her new series, Smash. Katharine McPhee […]

Jennifer Lopez receives 12M from Idol

The pop singer and talented actress Jennifer Lopez, has reportedly agreed to a deal with American Idol to receive a whopping $12M to judge in the coming season. claims that Lopez initially wanted more, that the actress was asking for $15M to judge in the series, a guaranteed motion picture deal and, number of […]

Fantasia opens up about her suicide attempt

Fantasia opens up about her suicide attempt

Fantasia Barrino is not having her best year. The American Idol winner has recently been involved in a couple’s nasty divorce war where the wife is accusing her of breaking up a marriage, having a sexual affair with her husband, and making a sex tape with him. After denying these accusations, the singer committed suicide […]

Steven Tyler, no real offer yet from American Idol

Rocker Steven Tyler still doesn’t know if he will be joining the panel of judges on American Idol. This is because the TV execs have not presented him with an official contract yet. The lead singer of Aerosmith confirmed earlier this month that he was contemplating accepting the job after he was asked by producers […]

Kara DioGuardi didn’t know she’s fired from Idol?

Kara DioGuardi has learned that she was getting fired from American Idol the most painful way-thru rumors. According to Kara’s father, Republican U.S. Senate contender in New York, the songwriter has learned that she was getting kicked out the same way the rest of the world learned it. “Would you believe she did not hear […]

Ellen Degeneres was fired on American Idol?!

Recent news revealed that Ellen was not ready to leave American Idol just yet, and even begged the producers not to fire her. Showbiz Spy had previously reported that the daytime talk show host left on her own, but producers corrected them by saying she was not wanted anymore. Insiders say that Ellen wanted to […]

Fantasia Barrino had sex tape with a married man?

American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino is being dragged into a tale of a very nasty divorce. So nasty-there’s a sex tape involved. Reports surfaced that the singer is involved in a sexual relationship with an Antwaun Cook, a married man. Court documents filed last week by Cook’s wife says that Antwaun and Fantasia began a […]