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Robert Pattinson bites Egyptian pillows in Breaking Dawn

Okay, okay…tired of biting young chicks and fending off fellow predators and competitors who are interested in his girl Bella? Take a bite at this Edward!…a pillow! Pillow fight? No, its a bed scene with a vampire gnawing on a pillow instead. Seriously. True to life sweethearts or not, Twilight star Edward Cullen, err…Robert Pattinson shares […]

Ashton Kutcher trolls, calls Robert Pattinson ‘gay vampire’

That 70′s Show veteran and MTV Punk’d host/producer Ashton Kutcher will be replacing Charlie Sheen in the hit CBS sitcom Two And A Half Men. If that announcement didn’t quite hit the popularity contest, this goofy remark from the 33-year old will. “Nice meeting you! My name is Robert Pattinson, and I am a gay […]

Robert Pattinson hits the gym

Robert Pattinson hits the gym

The 25-year old Robert Pattinson has been hitting the gym lately, getting buffed under the guidance of Twilight co-star Kellan Lutz. Kellan recently shared to MTV that he’s been helping Pattinson buff up for Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. “I’m really proud of Rob for working out and really training really hard,” Kellan says. “He cycled […]

Breaking Dawn Trailer Released!

Breaking Dawn Trailer Released!

Twilight fans rejoice! The trailer for the Twilight: Breaking Dawn (part 1) is out! Twilight fans got their first glimpse of Breaking Dawn during the MTV Movie Awards and were treated to a brief wedding scene and some intimate Edward(Robert Pattinson)-Bella(Kristen Stewart) moments. The trailer starts with major Twilight characters receiving wedding invitations to the […]

Robert Pattinson on kissing Kristen Stewart in Breaking Dawn

While the showbiz universe and the entire college and high school girls all over the world want to know the real deal behind Twilight co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s relationship outside the vampire film, a hint that the pair are just more than friends are quickly entertained due to their public photos and activities. […]

Dakota Fanning wins Homecoming Queen for second time

Monday, the 16-year old Twilight actress, Hannah Dakota Fanning becomes the homecoming queen again in North Hollywood’s Campbell Hall Episcopal High School. This is the second time the very talented teen has been honored by her classmates, and that’s two in a row. Her homecoming king is Henry Aleck, a senior who plays football. The […]

Rob Pattinson helps Kristen Stewart out of breakdown

Rumored couple Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are each other’s lifeline. Rumor has it that Rob has been helping Kristen overcome an incoming breakdown. According to reports, Kristen, who’s always been uneasy in the spotlight, told Rob she can’t take the pressure of fame anymore. To reach out to her, Rob jumped on a flight […]

Taylor Lautner devastated over Taylor Swift breakup?

We all knew that Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift had a fling in the past. They had a couple of dates, starred in the same movie, but their romance just fizzled out sometime in December. But did you know that the Twilight star actually tried to win back the multi-talented country singer? Rumors say Lautner […]