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Tiger Woods’ $60M home

Whatever Tiger Woods does, always makes headlines. Whether its about his perfect swing, the skeletons (a lot of them!) in his closet or closets, and the declining of his ranks in the current roster of golfers. Woods’ is out for the rest of the season but his million dollar mansion in an island in Flordia […]

Elin Nordegren’s first and last interview

Elin Nordegren’s first and last interview

You gotta respect Elin Nordegren for her strength. The estranged wife of Tiger Woods has been through hell and back. And yet beneath her soft features and graceful persona, this woman proves to be made of something tougher. For months people waited for her to talk about her marriage and the scandal which ruined the […]

Rachel Uchitel denies being a whore

The infamous mistress of the celebrities denies that she’s a “whore” and insists her life is not all about men. A recent rumor claims Rachel Uchitel has been having a sexual relationship with another actor, and this time it’s troubled and washed up Jeremy London. But she’s vehemently denying it. “Enough with the ‘Rachel’s still […]

Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods divorce final!

Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods divorce final!

Elin Nordegren is a free woman! And so is Tiger Woods. But then he always acted as if he was single so I guess it doesn’t change things for him. The former husband and wife are now officially divorced. The two will share  parenting of their 2 kids. Any other information on the terms of […]

Tiger Woods marrying Rachel Uchitel?

Is Tiger Woods marrying the infamous “mistress of the celebrities” Rachel Uchitel? You might not believe it, but this rumor could be true. American tabloid the National Enquirer reports that the pro golfer has plans to walk Rachel down the aisle and marry her. All he’s waiting for is for the divorce with estranged wife […]

Elin Nordegren to get $100 million from Tiger?

Elin Nordegren to get $100 million from Tiger?

Elin Nordegren is gonna be one very wealthy lady! The estranged wife of golfer Tiger Woods is believed to receive about a hundred million after the divorce. Initial reports said Elin would be able to get her hands on about $500 million and then there’s also the story which said she was to get $750 […]

Tiger Woods Divorce: Elin Nordegren to get more than $500 Million from divorce!

Tiger Wood‘s soon-to-be ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, will be getting more than $500 Million when the divorce is finalized! Elin’s lawyers were able to prove that Tiger Woods was worth more than a billion dollars. Elin will also be getting their main home in Windermere, Florida, and a nearby property – jointly worth $3 million – […]

Elin bans Tiger from introducing women to kids

If you were Elin, wouldn’t you also keep your children away from your cheating husband’s women? Recent reports say that Tiger’s estranged wife, Elin Nordegren, has banned Tiger Woods from introducing any woman he’s dating to their kids and that includes his future serious girlfriends, if he’d ever have one. According to this report, the […]