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Sandra Bullock’s ex husband breaks up with fiance

Sandra Bullock’s ex husband breaks up with fiance

Sandra Bullock and ex-husband Jesse James made headlines last year when James committed two monstrous mistakes, cheating and getting caught. Getting caught ain’t no mistake though, anyone who cheats should get caught(!!!). Hey, what’s new? It’s called “hollywood” baby. While the Academy Award Winning-actress carried on, adopting a new baby and escalating to a happier […]

Jesse James dating Kat Von D?

Jesse James sure looks like he’s over Sandra Bullock. It’s either that, or he’s finally accepted that whatever happens, she’s never taking him back. Everyone knows how the marriage of Sandra Bullock and Jesse James came to an end. To make the long story short, he cheated on her with several women. Although we don’t […]

Sandra Bullock says she and Jesse James have moved on

Sandra Bullock says she and Jesse James have moved on

It’s hard to imagine how a guy who was once married to America’s sweetheart can actually come to terms with accepting the finality of a divorce, but Jesse James sure looks like he’s moving on. The motorcycle CEO has been spotted hanging out in Las Vegas with another heavily tattooed woman, identified as LA Ink […]

Sandra Bullock welcomes Jesse James to her hometown

Apparently, the ever gracious Sandra Bullock is okay with Jesse James living in her hometown at Austin, Texas, according to Radar Online. “I support Jesse in his move to Austin,” the Oscar winner from The Blind Side said to People on Wednesday. “We have both moved on with our lives and only want the best […]

Jesse James and Kat Von D had romantic dinner in Las Vegas

Jesse James seems to be taking strides in moving on. The motorcycle mogul and reality TV star had his divorce from Oscar winner Sandra Bullock finalized in June. And now he is seen having dinner in Las Vegas on a Saturday night with another female who also digs tattoos. It’s LA Ink star Kat Von […]

Sandra Bullock ready for love?

Sandra Bullock is said to be looking for love! Rumor has it that the Academy Award-winning actress is keen to get back on the dating scene after her split from Jesse James. Sandra’s marriage to Jesse James has ended and their divorce finalized following the revelations that he was having an affair with several women […]

Sandra Bullock not reconciling with Jesse James?

Remember the rumors about Sandra Bullock wanting to get back together with ex-husband Jesse James? Well, sources close to Sandy is saying otherwise. Apparently, this can’t be any farther from Sandra’s plans. An insider told RadarOnline that the only reason the Oscar winner told James it was OK for her if he moved to Austin […]

Sandra Bullock reconciling with Jesse James?

Is Sandra Bullock really gonna get back together with Jesse James? New reports have surfaced saying that the Academy Award-winning actress is planning to reconcile with estranged husband Jesse James after she and the public found out that he’s been lying and cheating on her. Jesse James was found to have cheated on Sandra while […]