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Kara DioGuardi didn’t know she’s fired from Idol?

Kara DioGuardi has learned that she was getting fired from American Idol the most painful way-thru rumors. According to Kara’s father, Republican U.S. Senate contender in New York, the songwriter has learned that she was getting kicked out the same way the rest of the world learned it. “Would you believe she did not hear […]

Randy Jackson speaks on “Idol” rumors

Every person who helped shaped American Idol is in the shakes. Before Season 9 started, Paula Abdul – out. After Season 9, Simon Cowell and Ellen DeGeneres – out, Kara DioGuardi is reportedly fired – out. Jordin Sparks, Crystal Bowersox and the show’s host, Ryan Seacrest, are rumored to be in the shakes for the […]

Kara DioGuardi shocked that she’s been fired from Idol!

If you were shocked that Kara dioGuardi was fired from american Idol as host, you’re not alone. Even Kara was shocked too. And not just shocked, she’s also appalled. Reports say the former Idol host thought her gig at Idol was something that would last a bit longer. She was reportedly horrified that she was […]

Kara DioGuardi shocked that she is fired from American Idol

The star is being cast aside in favor of Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, and she is dismayed. “Kara loved judging Idol,” related a source. “She’s horrified that she’s just being tossed aside like this. “She understands the show is in need of a revamp, but Kara really thought she had a job for as long […]

Kara DioGuardi fired from American Idol?

Kara DioGuardi fired from American Idol?

If the rumors are true, Kara DioGuardi will be joining Ellen DeGeneres as she leaves Fox’s hit show, American Idol. reported that DioGuardi will not be joining the American Idol judge panel and will only be reconsidered if the Jennifer Lopez deal does not push through. DeGeneres, 52, however, will be leaving on her […]

American Idol Duet Presents Brooke White With Justin Gaston

American Idol Duet Presents Brooke White With Justin Gaston

American Idol season 7’s incredibly talented sweetheart Brooke White is returning to the Idol stage for a results show performance with Miley Cyrus‘ ex, singer wannabe Justin Gaston. The duo will sing Elvis Presley’s “If I Can Dream”.  Their duet just give it a clear why Brooke got the hit television program, and Justin had his own web […]

Kara DioGuardi and her ‘Binge Eating Disorder’

American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi has recently confided about her struggle with a certain eating disorder. She says she has experienced the symptoms of “Binge Eating Disorder,” characterized by eating a lot of food, feeling out of control while eating, and using food to deal with emotions. It’s not only overeating. When one’s eating habits […]

Kara Dioguardi Husband Photo

American Idol judge Kara Dioguardi married long-time boyfriend Mike McCuddy back in July 5, 2009 in Maine. Above is their wedding shoot from In Touch Weekly. Dioguardi wore a Vera Wang gown and wedding took place at the United Methodist Church just across her house. “I feel great. What was most unbelievable about the experience […]