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Lindsay Lohan did pose nude for Playboy, receives $1M

Controversy has been the tie that binds the Lohan family. Michael Lohan’s ex-girlfriend has accused him of domestic violence and is now in Tampa Florida jail, hoping get released after his schedule with the judge today. Meanwhile, Dina Lohan decided to publicize the dirty secrets of her family. Not to be outdone from her parents […]

Lindsay Lohan’s bail set at $75K

From Mean Girl to “Jail Girl”. Courtrooms aren’t freaky as friday for the 24-year old Lindsay Lohan who has become bestfriends with judges, and securites, rehabs and police. The actress could pass as an endorser for the  In ‘N Out steak restaurant. NBC News’ Jinah Kim who was present inside the courtroom reports that Judge Sautner stated, […]

Lindsay Lohan gets 4 months in Jail for Misdemeanor

Troubled Lindsay Lohan gets slapped with four months in jail for misdemeanor by Judge Stephanie Sautner. Lohan violated her probation when she allegedly stole a $2,500 necklace. Although allowed to post bail, Lohan was also be performing 480 hours of community service as part of the sentence. Judge Sautner reduced Lohan’s sentence from felony grand […]

Lindsay Lohan due today in court, theft case

A regular customer of hearings, Lindsay Lohan has made the court her home. She checks in smoothly like it was nothing, a woman in black most of the time. She has made a list of misdemeanors and is ensuring she does it all. Let us see… DUI? Check! Cocain possession and use? Check! Felony? Check! […]

Lindsay Lohan gets banned from Twitter and Facebook!

It’s a different addiction this time for “freaky” mean girl Lindsay Lohan. Yeah, she’s alcoholic, yeah, she’s addicted to drug rehabilitation facilities, yeah, she’s into court hearings and more. Lately, its social network addiction. Well, that’s a lot better than getting into serious trouble right with judges right? A classmate in rehab said,“before, she would […]

Jerry Lewis wishes to hit Lindsay Lohan in the mouth

It seems some, or maybe even more people in world want to give the delinquent 24-year old actress, Lindsay Lohan, a helping hand these days and veteran actor-comedian, producer and singer Jerry Lewis is no exception. The 84-year old funny man has his own ways of lending his hand though…the table tennis-kind. He made headlines […]

Lindsay Lohan goes back to rehab

Lohan, the 24-year old redhead, who just did a few days in jail for violating her probation, thanks to the almighty dollar that paid her bail, volunteered into a substance abuse rehab program, that, according to reports. According to CNN, the actress checked in late Monday. Though the name of her new program remains uncertain, TMZ […]

Will Lindsay Lohan Finally Change For Good?

Though sentenced to 90 days in jail and another 90 days in an in-patient rehab, Lindsay Lohan was freed after only 13 days in jail and 23 days in rehab. But she still has to attend regular out-patient therapy to help her fully recover. However, some of those close to her express their concern and […]