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Lindsay Lohan did pose nude for Playboy, receives $1M

Controversy has been the tie that binds the Lohan family. Michael Lohan’s ex-girlfriend has accused him of domestic violence and is now in Tampa Florida jail, hoping get released after his schedule with the judge today. Meanwhile, Dina Lohan decided to publicize the dirty secrets of her family. Not to be outdone from her parents […]

Michael Lohan’s Ex-fiancee Erin Muller arrested

Radar Online has reported that Michael Lohan’s ex who had a restraining order against Michael, Erin Muller, was arrested at around 10 pm Saturday night in New York. She was with her recent boyfriend Keith Parris when they were stopped for suspected drunk driving. The boyfriend was driving. Southampton Town Police Department said that when […]

Michael Lohan says NY won’t change Lindsay

Lindsay Lohan‘s mom Dina said Lindsay will move to New York after the stint in rehab. But Lindsay’s dad Michael thinks Lilo moving to New York is not gonna change anything about his troubled daughter’s life. On Friday, Michael said to Access, “Dina says that Lindsay is coming back to New York after rehab. The […]

Lindsay Lohan in a great place, warns dad

The infamous actress, Lindsay Lohan is almost due to serve her 90-day jail sentence and she feels she’s in a great place, contrary to what her father, Michael Lohan, intends for her. “I don’t want Michael Lohan Sr. anywhere near me, no matter where I am. I am in a great place and he only […]

Lindsay Lohan can stay out of jail?

As July 20 nears in, Lindsay Lohan could be getting desperate to find a way to stay out of jail. Reports say that Lindsay may have figured out how to work the legal system so she can stay out of jail for six months to a year. A source close to the situation told […]

Michael Lohan on LiLo’s court manicure: “It’s stupid”

It’s easy to see why Lindsay Lohan hates his dad Michael. For one thing, he thinks her F-word court manicure was stupid. “It is stupid, it’s insane, it’s so dark. Why would you do that, for what reason — and not expect people to see it or word get out?” he said Thursday in an […]

Michael disgusted by Lindsay Lohan’s new project

It’s not like it would matter to Lilo anyway, but her dad thinks her next movie role sucks. Lindsay Lohan is set to play adult porn star Linda Lovelace soon. And that’s relatively a good news, considering that Lindsay’s broke and hasn’t been making popular movies for quite some time. But her dad, Michael Lohan […]

Michael Lohan wants conservatorship for Lindsay

Michael Lohan has announced that he plans to take control of his daughter’s life. He is schedule to return to LA on Monday and has claimed that he shall start to create a conservatorship for Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay, who is possibly facing jail time for a recent violation of the terms of her probation, is […]