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Lindsay Lohan did pose nude for Playboy, receives $1M

Controversy has been the tie that binds the Lohan family. Michael Lohan’s ex-girlfriend has accused him of domestic violence and is now in Tampa Florida jail, hoping get released after his schedule with the judge today. Meanwhile, Dina Lohan decided to publicize the dirty secrets of her family. Not to be outdone from her parents […]

Dina Lohan in denial about Lindsay’s problems

Sources close to both Dina and Lindsay Lohan believe that the mother is in denial about the long-troubled actress. She has long been unable to admit the glaring facts about their family’s dysfunctional life. An associate of Dina Lohan said on Sunday that after the tense and awkward interview with Matt Lauer on ‘Today,’ “Dina […]

Dina Lohan says Lindsay doesn’t have drug and booze problems

Dina Lohan is living in a dream world. Seriously! Lindsay Lohan’s mom is saying that LiLo does not have any drug or alcohol problems—that after her daughter just came out of prison and is now serving time in rehab. Aside from saying all that crap, Dina is also blaming the tabloids on why Lindsay grew […]

Dina Lohan felt ambushed by Matt Lauer

Lindsay’s mom Dina Lohan talked her heart’s content to Matt Lauer on Friday. The interview allowed her to explain and defend LiLo’s behavior to the world. But she may have gotten more than what she asked for. A friend of Dina told PopEater that Dina felt that she was put on a hot seat during […]

VIDEO: Dina Lohan talks about daughter Lindsay on Today show

In a tense interview with Matt Lauer on Today show, Dina Lohan defended her methods of raising her celebrity daughter Lindsay Lohan, claiming that she let her troubled daughter experience those personal issues so she can come out a better person. “As a parent, you have to let them go a little bit,” she said […]

Lindsay Lohan treated like a common criminal in jail

Lindsay Lohan treated like a common criminal in jail

Dina Lohan is using her mom instincts and this time it’s not dropping Lindsay off to party until the break of dawn. Dina is saying that her daughter is being treated like a common criminal. What did she expect? The Lohan mom says Lindsay has been treated fairly by guards and inmates. But Dina is […]

Dina Lohan talks about Lindsay’s sentence

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Dina Lohan was emotional as she spoke about the devastating sentence that her daughter received on Tuesday. Lindsay Lohan is to spend three months in jail and three months in an in-patient rehab after. “Lindsay’s scared to death.” Dina said about her daughter’s current state. Now, as a mother, […]

Cops on to Dina Lohan at Ice Cream Store?!

Dina Lohan, mother of notorious Lindsay Lohan, was out in East Meadow New York and stopped by a Carvel Ice Cream store to buy a cake for her son Cody who is celebrating his 14th birthday. But that’s when things went like a banana split, Dina said. When she arrived at the counter, she handed […]